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Do your own oil change using a vacuum pump


Description of vacuum oil extraction pumps

An oil extraction pump comprises following elements :

-   A tank

-   A probe

-   A pumping handle


Priming the extraction pump is very easy and requires no skills in mechanics. Just follow the 4 following steps :


STEP 1 : Prior to start pumping, fluidify the oil


Perform a 5-minute preheating of the engine of your vehicle to fluidify the oil.

Remove the dipstick.






STEP 2 : Fitting the probe of the oil extraction pump

Insert the probe of the oil extraction pump into the hole of the dipstick and push as far as possible. It should touch the bottom of the tank.





STEP 3 : Prime the oil extraction pump

Prime the oil extraction pump by manually pumping 10 to 15 times in a row (depending on the model).

Used oil is then automatically pumped out.

Stop pumping.

Just stand up to perform an easy and clean oil change.



STEP 4 : The oil change is finished !

Once the oil change is finished, take the probe out of the oil tank and pour the used oil into a collecting drum. You will then take this drum to a garage or a waste collecting site.

Then fill in the oil tank of your vehicle with a convenient new oil.

Of course you will use your vacuum oil extraction pump to perform another easy oil change !



 Click here to read a PDF version of the user's manual of your oil extraction pumps.


 Have a good oil change !