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Why changing oil ?


Changing the oil of a car, a boat or any other vehicle means pumping out used oil from the oil tank and replacing it by new oil. 
As times goes on and depending on the way vehicles are used, oils are damaged and lose their properties. 

When you change your oil, you preserve the quality of your oil and the good running of your engine, thus improving the lifespan of your vehicle.


Functions of motor oil

A motor oil has different functions : 

  • Lubricating the parts of the engine.
  • Reducing metal frictions.
  • Ensuring a perfect engine compression.
  • Evacuating dirt and impurities in suspension (residues of combustion, dust…) and collecting them in the oil filter.
  • Plan to change the oil filter every max. 30 000 km.
  • Cooling down the engine.
  • Protecting against corrosion.

What are the risks if you do not change the oil ?


When oil is not regularly changed, the engine clogs up and rapidly damages. Performances of the engine are also reduced and the consumption of fuel increases.

This lack of maintenance can lead to expensive repairs and the engine can be so damaged that the only solution is replacing it.

Therefore, performing regular oil changes is an ecological attitude. It shows you care for our environment and you want to save money. Keep in mind that, using our vacuum oil extraction pumps, performing your own oil changes is very easy.