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What can I drain ?

Draining motor vehicles

Vacuum oil extraction pumps can be used on all vehicles to drain: a car, a motorbike, a quad, a yacht or a small fishing boat…
PL-2000 and PL-6000 oil extraction pumps are particularly adapted to private uses.

For all professional uses, for auto mechanics, fish merchants, farmers and builders, higher capacity oil extraction pumps are required. Therefore we recommend our PL-400 pro, PL-6500 pro and PL-14 pro pumps.


Draining aquariums and pipes

Emptying an aquarium is easy using an extraction pump.
When pipes are obstructed, our extraction pumps are also very useful to plumbers.
All our extraction pumps are adapted to these uses, depending on the pumping capacity you require.


Draining the hold of boats


Our extraction pumps can also be used to pump out water from boat holds. Click here to browse the models of pumps adapted to this use.