Documentation on the oil change


In order to provide a correct information on the oil extraction pumps, the function of engine oil and the way to dispose of used oil, Vidange Facile (Easy-Draining) presents some documentation sheets to you:


- Follow the 4 explanatory steps in the sheet below "How performing an oil change using a vacuum pump" to learn how to use oil extraction pumps.

- Learn why changing oil is important and the functions of engine oil.
Read the sheet "Why changing oil".

- Learn the interval to respect between two oil changes by reading the sheet  "How frequently shall I change oil?".

- Learn where you can dispose of your used oil and learn everything about the regulation about used oils by reading the sheet  "Disposing of used oil".

- Do you know what you can drain using vacuum oil extraction pumps?
Learn what you can drain using vacuum oil extraction pumps by reading the sheet  "What can I drain?".







Documentation on how bleeding hydraulic systems

- Learn how bleeding your brake fluid and your hydraulic systems. Please read our user's sheet "Bleeding hydraulic systems".



In case you require more information about our vacuum oil extraction pumps and our brake bleeders, please contact us using our contact form. We will certainly answer you, as soon as possible.