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Vidange Facile (Easy-Draining) pays special attention to on-line secure payments.
Your bank data will be encrypted and directly sent to our financial partners through a totally secure environment.
Your bank data will never, in any circumstances, be seen, known and saved by our company.

Our commercial website offers six different ways of payment :

  • Payment by credit cardsCyberplus3D Secure of the Banque Populaire
  • Payment by  Paypal
  • Payment by check
  • Payment by  bank transfer

3D Secure System

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The 3D Secure system is used to reinforce the safety of on-line payments, thanks to an additional step when you validate your purchase, thus allowing to make sure you are the actual owner of the credit card used.
This system accepts following credit cards: CB, Visa, MasterCard and 'Private' such as: American Express, JCB, Aurore and Diner’s.

Payment by Paypal

Paiement Securisé Paypal

aypal is a secure e-commerce on-line business allowing payments and money transfers without having to type in again your bank data on each commercial site.
To use Paypal, you must first create an account

Checks and bank transfers

virement et cheque

Please contact theVidangeFacile.comteam at 33 (0) 5 31 61 52 52. We will communicate to you the information required to pay by check or by bank transfer.

In case you have a question about the ways of payment used by, please contact our customer service from Monday to Friday and from 9 am to 6 pm.