Why did we create a website dedicated to oil extraction pumps ?


We first realized that mechanical servicing costs a lot of money to both private and professional users. Moreover, oil has to be regularly drained.

Anybody can't become a mechanical service technician just like that, but using our vacuum oil extraction pumps, some operations, like draining used oil, are quite easy to do by one's self.
These new tools are now available on the market to make our life easier.

Vacuum oil extraction pumps are efficient, high performance and reliable.
Thanks to our pumps, professional garage managers save time on their car lifts and increase the profitability of their garages.
Fishermen just love them as they can perform oil extraction without having to take their boats out of the water.
Private users enjoy using our pumps as they are easy to use and because they can save money.

The website Vidange Facile (Easy-Draining) provides a response to an actual market demand. 

Have a look at our oil extraction pumps.