How frequently shall I change oil ?


Manufacturers recommend some frequencies to change oil on all types of vehicles. Please read the handbook of your vehicle.

Change the oil at least once a year or, depending on how the vehicle is used, every 10000 km. 

Changing the oil of a vehicle is a good thing as the engine is serviced and the lifespan of the vehicle is improved.

Mind changing the oil of your vehicle once or twice a year, depending on the mileage.

But also mind changing the oil of motorbikes, scooters, quads, karts, motomarine seadoos, jet skis, snow-bikes. Don't forget your mower.


Farmers, service your farming machines and regularly change used oil of your tractors, harvesters, etc.

Building professional, mind servicing your building machines to preserve the lifespan of your fleet of vehicles.

Fish merchants, changing used oil of your boats is required at least once a year.
Perform an oil change on your boats, easily, without having to take them out of the water, using our professional oil extraction pumps.


Oil change frequency






Once a year

Every 10 000 km


Once a year

Every 5 000 or 10 000 km, depending on the model


Once a year

Every 3 000 km


Once a year

Depending on the boat


Every 50 hours of use


Which pump shall I buy ?


Depending on your vehicles (car, motorbike, quad, boat, tractor) and on the way you use them, your requirements, in terms of pumping capacity, can be very different.

Please browse all our models of vacuum oil extraction pump to correctly define your needs.