Liquids and fluids extractor
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Liquids and fluids extractor

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The PL VAC 10 liquid extractor draws a wide variety of liquids.

It is used to drain engine oil, compressor oil, reducer, water, refrigerant ...

PL VAC draws up to 8 liters. In order to use this device, a compressor is needed.

An adapter is provided.

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PL VAC 10 is used to remove a wide variety of liquids. It is equipped with a special suction extraction system that requires only one operator and can be installed exactly where needed.

Use with a compressor. The supplied venturi coupling gives a vacuum of -0.7 to -0.9 bar.

Le PL VAC 10 sert à éliminer une grande variété de liquides. Il est équipé d’un système spécial d’extraction par aspiration qui ne nécessite qu’un seul opérateur et peut être installé précisément à l’endroit requis.
S'utilise avec un compresseur. L’accouplement venturi fourni donne une dépression de – 0,7 à – 0,9 bar.

Composition :

Operation : 

utilisation du PL 10

1. Close the output valve (horizontal lever) (Fig. 1)
2. Connect the venturi coupling to the inlet valve (Fig. 2)
3. Connect the compressor hose to the venturi coupling (Fig. 3) and open the inlet valve (vertical lever)
4. Switch on the compressor and monitor the pressure gauge until the indicated pressure is between - 0.7 and - 0.9 bar (Fig.4)
5. Close the inlet valve (horizontal lever) and disconnect the compressor. There is now an operational vacuum in PL VAC 10
6. Disconnect the venturi coupling
7. Connect the extractor hose supplied with the unit to the coupling and immerse the other end of the hose in the liquid to be extracted or in the opening of the gauge (Fig. 5 + 6)
8. Opening the inlet valve (vertical lever) automatically triggers the start of the extraction process. It is possible to extract up to 8 litres at each operation. The pressure gauge indicates whether the vacuum is still adequate
9. At the end of the extraction process, close the inlet valve (horizontal lever) and remove the hose (Fig. 7)
10. Open the inlet valve (vertical lever) to release the vacuum
11. Place the PL VAC 10 above a recovery container and open the outlet valve (vertical lever). 
NOTE: To empty the container, the inlet valve must remain open (Fig. 8).

Be careful: 

- Do not use PL VAC 10 to extract acids or alkalis.
- Never connect a compressor directly to PL VAC 10, always use the venturi coupling.

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