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Pinch pliers 6.5 l pump set
  • Pinch pliers 6.5 l pump set
  • Pinch pliers 6.5 l pump set
  • Pinch pliers 6.5 l pump set
  • Pinch pliers 6.5 l pump set

Pinch pliers 6.5 l pump set

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 Pinch pliers 6.5 l oil extraction pump set 

- One 6.5 liters vacuum oil extraction pump

- One liters used oil collecting drum

- One oil filter pinch pair of pliers

No need to go under the vehicle or to take the boat out of the water.


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- Warranty 1 year

- 14 days to change your mind

Pinch pliers 6.5 l oil extraction pump set

The capacity of vacuum oil extraction pumps PL-650 is 6.5 liters.
For individual users and professional mechanics performing frequent oil changes, our 6.5 liter oil extraction pump is very convenient to rapidly drain cars, boats, tractors, farming and building machines.

The 10 liters collecting drum is designed to take used oil to the nearest waste collection site. This drum is approved for transporting used oil and is supplied with a pourer.

The oil filter pinch pair of pliers is used to perform the safe dismantling of the oil filter. It is particularly recommended for oil filters with diameters from 65 to 120 mm.

Using our oil extraction pump: quick and easy

Insert the extraction probe into the oil tank, to the bottom.
Start vacuum action by rapidly pumping out 5 to 10 times.
Oil is then automatically changed.
The tank of your pump is then filled in. You can control the level as the tank is semi-translucent and is graduated in liters.
Pour your used oil into a dedicated drum.

Using pinch pliers to remove oil filters

Once you have drained your vehicle, using a vacuum oil extraction pump, you have to change the oil filter.
Using your oil filter pinch pliers, remove the used oil filter.
Be careful as they can be some oil left inside the filter.
Fill the tank with new oil.
Prior to fitting the new oil filter, oil the rubber seal.
Firmly screw the oil filter by hand.
Never tighten the new filter again using the oil filter pinch pliers.

Technical features of a 6.5 litre oil extraction pump :

- Capacity : 6.5 liters

- Total assembled height : 63.5 cm

- Tank diameter : 16 cm

- Semi-translucent tank graduated in liters

- Supplied with 2 extraction probes and an extension

- Extraction probe length : 120 cm

- Extraction probe diameters : 0.570 cm and 0.664 cm

- Extraction probe extension : 100 cm

Technical features of a 10 liters collecting drum :

- Drum approved to transport used oil

- With a pourer

- Capacity : 10 liters

Technical features of an oil filter pinch pair of pliers :

- Can handle oil filters with diameters from 65 to 120 mm.


In case you require larger capacities, please refer to our other sets of oil extraction pumps, including 2.5 liters6 liters4 liters and 14 liters pumps.

Vidange Facile (Easy-Draining) also proposes a large range of oil change accessories.

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